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Made with

Simple ingredients.

FREE of synthetic chemicals and harsh additives, we're happy to tell parents that we are made of ingredients they know and trust. Our product was developed with ONLY natural, safe and effective ingredients like aloe, beeswax, sunflower oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

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Simple ingredients.

Powerful protection.

In combination with our natural ingredients, we have the power of ZINC OXIDE (20.5%) for top-of-the-line protection. Our smooth, thorough coating ensures the formula remains in place, continuously safeguarding your baby’s bum.

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Did you know?

Developed by a Nurse Practitioner

Originally, Barrier Skin Protectant was formulated by a Pediatric Surgery APN to provide a safe recovery solution for patients that have undergone colorectal surgery. Created for the toughest cases yet it’s gentle enough for daily use.

Our barrier cream has been perfected with natural and effective ingredients that a parent & baby can smile about.

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